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For Metals & Scraps

What are the maximum size dimensions for Prepared Steel?
The dimensions are 3’ x 4’ and a ¼ in. thickness or greater.
What is the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals?
Ferrous are predominately iron based and magnetic. Non-ferrous are not iron based.
What materials do you NOT accept? (Unacceptable Items)
Beer Kegs, CFC's and HCFC's (ozone depleting substances), Chain-link fence, Computer monitors and TVs, Copiers or fax machines, Fuel tanks (unless empty and multiple holes cut in it), Garbage, rags or other non-metallic items, Glass, Oil, Oil filters, Paint, Paper, PCB's or other hazardous materials, Radioactive material, Rubber, Vehicles without titles or proper identification and Wood.
Does the customer unload his/her vehicle?
Khalife Metals employees unload all customer vehicles.
Do you accept crushed cans?
Yes, we accept crushed aluminum cans.